The Search for a PLM Platform

The Search for a PLM Platform

World-class digital leader Saudi Telecom Company (STC) offers landline, mobile, Internet services and computer networks. It utilizes Kloudville PLM 360 solution for end-to-end integration of product launch processes.

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A Study on STC PLM Use Case

Saudi Telecommunication Company (stc) is the Saudi digital enabler of telecommunications services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, offering landline and fixed infrastructure, mobile and data services. The company invested in next-generation networks, or NGNs, and upgraded to packet-based architecture where information, services and media can be carried across the network.

To keep in pace with fast technology innovations and to build highly configurable new products for customers, stc consulted technology companies specialized in the Telco area to find a new PLM solution capable to manage complex products.

Kloudville was requested to support on this quest.

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8 vendors consulted – 24 prototypes created for Client Requirements

Simple Workflow / BPM component

  • Able to import processes from BPMN and create form fields for various attributes of products
  • Able to kickstart the process as events and actions
  • Easy to change processes and roles


Enterprise Product Catalog

  • Master Product Catalog that holds and publishes information of all downstream systems
  • Declarative business and rules engine
  • Integration between BPM & EPC

Product Analytics

  • Seamlessly source data from all systems
  • Integrate BPM & EPC with self-service dashboards for profitability and reporting

Above Interconnected Components

  • Kickstart a price change from dashboard
  • Changing processes on EPC and kickstart a process flow
  • Notifications & Analytics


Lessons Learned

Automation is not enough: Automation does not help you react to external events, not to understand what;s needed to be done.

PLM is a data-driven process: PLM processes are driven from different areas of the business, interacting and influencing each other.

...from manual to automated product launches...

...from manual to automated product launches...

Kloudville EPC & PLM 360 has given us an opportunity to address the transformation from manual to automated product launches, and significantly shorten the TTM.
Bandar Aldawood
Commercial Enablement GM at stc