Centralized EPC & PLM enabling the digital operator

Centralized EPC & PLM enabling the digital operator

Jawwy is a mobile provider in Saudi Arabia focused on a fully digital experience, from sign-up through to post-sales service.

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A digital first strategy for a digital native population - Jawwy

Jawwy Implementation Highlights

  • Catalog driven ordering of all channels
  • Centralized EPC serving all channels with real-time catalog and cart services, i.e. eCommerce, mobile App
  • Publishing EPC data to non-customer facing systems
  • Rule and policy enforcements through rules engine
  • Management over end-to-end product lifecycle
  • Catalog integration to Ericsson, MATRIXX, 6D, and Adobe Experience Manager
  • One of the world’s first digital mobile products with digital-first offering and user experience
  • Launched by STC in 2016, targeting Saudi “digital natives” and digital-savy youth-centry brand
  • App-based, digital-first, promising fresh, simple and greater control and transparency
  • Addresses known “pain points” in Saudi mobile consumer journey
  • Non-traditional, disruptive value proposition, build on dedicated Digital Platform allowing faster time to market (TTM)

How Jawwy has benefitted from Kloudville EPC & PLM

  1. Business Users can manage end to end life cycle of product ideation, creation, and retirement
  2. Workflow driven EPC & PLM coordinates and manages all product activity across Jawwy AE
  3. Easy to use PLM for Product Managers: Trained and ramped up within 2 days
  4. Reduced time to market to drive product changes: up to 2 hours without IT engagement
  5. Designed to scale and grow with Jawwy by leveraging tmForum standards