Digital Marketplace & Digital Ecosystem
Digital Marketplace & Digital Ecosystem

Digital Marketplace & Digital Ecosystem

Marketplace 360 Deployment & Use Case. Deployed in under 3 months and integrated using TMF OpenAPIs

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A Solution with the Perfect Fit

Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison (IOH), a Tier 1 Telco Provider based in Indonesia selected Kloudville’s Marketplace 360 for their next generation Digital Marketplace & Digital Ecosystem Transformation Platform.

Kloudville and Indosat have signed a multi-year license and services agreement to deploy the Marketplace 360 full solution suite, in support of Indosat’s B2B requirements, to launch integrated solution offerings to their customers.

Indosat’s Main Goal Objectives:

  • To have a lead-with solution partner to design, build, implement, and operate their Digital Marketplace & Digital Ecosystem Platform.
  • To unlock business opportunities for their Customer’s (Enterprise & SMB) along with their Partners and Marketplace vendors (e.g., Google) through the digital platform.
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Indosat's Vendor Selection Objective and Process were Defined as Following:

“To seek a Vendor/Partner to provide a Digital Marketplace & Digital Ecosystem Platform for B2B products and services with the capability to enable self-service channels for Indosat Customers and Partner solutions through system integration and automation to increase revenue growth, leverage multisided business models, and to support developing digital ecosystem requirements.”

Kloudville deploys Marketplace 360 to accelerate the IOH Digital Marketplace and Ecosystem Transformation mission to enable IOH and partner solutions for immediate purchase and activation.

IOH leverages the Marketplace 360 flexibility to launch any solution via the digital marketplace quickly, which provides product master support, back-office and partner integration, provisioning, activation, and inventory/device management.

Indosat MSMEs can access the IOH digital marketplace to purchase and activate solutions with guided. In addition, customers can also use the platform to purchase a complete digital solution suite (GWS, VOVOX) as an automation tool to run their business.

“Advancing the opportunity for Indonesia’s MSME customers to access next generation business services and solutions as they become available (real-time) in any global market should be the #1 goal for any Telco Operator. We look forward to working with the IOH team to advance digital economic growth and their mission to become the most preferred Digital Telco in Indonesia.”

Zarar Rana | Chairman & Co-founder of Kloudville

What Bayu had to say

What Bayu had to say

We are excited about our long-term partnership with Kloudville as we expand our digital transformation efforts. The effort is also part of our commitment to bringing a world-class digital experience to the Indonesian market. Our goal is to enable new digital solution offerings to MSMEs, bring the most advanced partner solutions to market and help stimulate the Indonesian economy, and support new revenue streams for our customers.
Bayu Hanantasena
Chief Business Officer of Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison