Catalog Driven B2B (CPQ to COM) Accelerates High Margin Solution Sales
Catalog Driven B2B (CPQ to COM) Accelerates High Margin Solution Sales

Brightspeed Deploys Kloudville for B2B

Catalog Driven B2B (CPQ to COM) Accelerates High Margin Solution Sales

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The B2B Challenge

Brightspeed is the 5th largest telecom operator in the United States, supporting commercial, business, enterprise, and wholesale solutions across 20 states, passing 6.5 million homes and businesses.

When it was founded by combining certain Lumen (formerly CenturyLink) territory and network assets in 2022, Brightspeed did not have its own BSS/OSS capable of supporting a complex set of B2B business solutions and needed to build a next-gen digital  solution stack from the ground up.

Next-gen B2B Requirements

Brightspeed required a next-generation catalog-driven BSS architecture that would provide seamless and automated CPQ, contract capability, near-zero-touch access to Commercial OM (COM), and SOM for service delivery and provisioning, as well as one-click automation of all MACD, including order-to-bill changes and billing account setup.

Brightspeed requirements were for the solution to provide advanced capabilities for quotes, support multi-site locations, large orders on a single quote, automated and seamless commercial order orchestration, MACD support, bulk ordering, and split order billing automation. While reducing sales training time and enabling quick time to market for solutions.

Solution Overview

Brightspeed deployed the Kloudville TELECOM 360 catalog-driven, end-to-end integrated design to automate, simplify, optimize, and accelerate its B2B processes.

TELECOM 360 is deployed on Brightspeed’s Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environment, using a fully redundant cloud architecture ensuring a seamless automated operational infrastructure and customer experience.

TELECOM 360 supports strategic capabilities including: CPQ, enterprise product catalog, quotes and contracts (with automated DocuSign end-to-end integration), commercial order management, TM Forum Open APIs providing two-way integration and automation of SOM  (ServiceNow), convergent billing (SAP-BRIM), ERP (SAP), and data warehousing. Brightspeed also deployed Kloudville’s pre-built ServiceNow ‘Orchestrator App,’ (developed by Kloudville) reducing costs and time to deploy.

Benefits for Brightspeed

Kloudville’s catalog-driven design supports a lower TCO for Brightspeed by providing a single source of truth for their customers’ quote-to-order process. By deploying the TELECOM 360  platform Brightspeed reduced the ‘license’ consumption (per/seat costs) of multiple upstream and downstream BSS/OSS solutions to which it integrates, delivering significant ROI even before considering operational and process optimization benefits.

Brightspeed’s BSS/OSS architecture shown above is tightly integrated, allowing TELECOM 360 to receive completed order status updates and provide sales and business users with email and task updates at each stage of the quote-to-order process.

TELECOM 360 provides out-of-the-box end-to-end B2B workflow functionality, allowing Brightspeed to define orchestration workflows to all systems and eliminate manual tasks, such as the Brightspeed Capital Asset Request (CAR) workflow process, automated credit checks to and from D&B, and quote approval workflows for sales leadership and product management.

TELECOM 360 provides Brightspeed’s Business Sales and Service Delivery teams with a real-time, 360-degree view of their customers’ quote-to-order processes, giving sales, service delivery, account managers, and senior leadership full visibility to support timely and immediate updates for their business customers

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