FastFiber’s Transition to Kloudville

Fast Fiber's Transition to Kloudville

Seamlessly connecting Portugal while lowering TCO

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The Challenge

FastFiber is a leading telecommunications company in Portugal, specializing in high-speed fiber optic internet and advanced connectivity solutions.

As the largest fiber optic wholesale operator in Portugal, FastFiber has the most extensive national fiber optic network. The company is dedicated to connecting individuals and businesses seamlessly in the modern digital world. Covering approximately 5.7 million homes, FastFiber’s primary goal is to expand its national coverage, aiming to make Portugal the first European country with full optical fiber coverage and staying aligned with the constant evolution of the electronic communications sector, including 5G mobile networks. With a mission to provide lightning-fast internet speeds and reliable services, FastFiber is transforming Portugal’s digital landscape.

FastFiber partnered with Kloudville to transition from the legacy catalog to a new platform aligned with its future business objectives. The company is looking to increase revenue growth, and support future products and services, while simultaneously reducing operational costs and lowering the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for hardware and operations.

Solution Overview

Kloudville and Readiness IT provided critical support to FastFiber in identifying the best solutions for its challenges. Kloudville’s Telecom 360 solution was selected as the most suitable choice by FastFiber, along with Readiness IT being an official partner and integrator of Kloudville and supporting the deployment of the Telecom 360 platform.

This solution offers the capability to support GPON and Dark Fiber services and regulated offers for duct and post usage. FastFiber’s product catalogue is being effectively modelled on Kloudville Telecom 360, specifically using the Module Product & Service Catalogue.

Significant enhancements to customer interactions and customer experience are being made through the implementation of Kloudville’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module for this support.

Other Kloudville Telecom 360 modules, such as Simplified Billing, Order Capture, and Configuration for quotes, are being deployed to help support and enable custom pricing for different clients.

Additionally, a module for Maintenance and Incident Provisioning is being introduced to handle all incident participation from operators to provision the corresponding network changes to resume client services.


This deployment led by Readiness IT is anticipated to bring significant improvements.

  • It represents the first use case of replacing legacy catalog and order management with Kloudville Telecom 360.
  • A significant reduction in the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).
  • The technological transition is occurring without any disruption in FastFiber services, ensuring seamless connectivity for customers.
  • The move is positioned to support FastFiber’s growth in new markets and business domains while eliminating the need for future complex and costly migrations.
  • The future operation of FastFiber is envisioned to become simpler, more agile, and faster in terms of time-to-market.
  • These advancements are expected to bring about greater efficiency and providing immense benefits for FastFiber’s operations and business automation.