Kloudville Order Management 360

Enhance Customer Satisfaction and Obtain Insights by Efficiently Fulfilling Orders Across All Channels, Eliminating Manual Intervention and Order Fallout

Business-Process and Catalog Driven Solution that Manages Order Fulfillment from Submission to Service Activation

Orchestrate Fulfillment of Services, Goods, and Digital Orders
Decompose Orders into Service, Digital, and Inventory Orders
Multi-product, Multi-party, Multi-location, and Multi-currency Orders

Allow Users and Partners to Receive and Fulfill Orders & Cases, and View Quotes, Orders, Projects, Invoices and Payments

Enterprise-Grade Platform
Built-in Support for B2B CPQ and Marketplaces
Comprehensive Case and Issue Management
Out-of-the-Box CPQ, EPC and PLM Integration
Customer and Partner Portal

A Comprehensive Feature Set ...

  • Move, Add, Change and Delete (MACD) services
  • Fully exposed RESTful Services for Catalog Browsing, Ordering and Management
  • Full Costing Module for Visibility into Profitability of Orders and Proposed Pricing
  • No-Code Online Configuration
  • Many Additional Features

... Guarantees Seamless and Effective Order Management Functionality

... Guarantees Seamless and Effective Order Management Functionality

Enterprise-Grade Platform with High Performance, Availability and Security

  • Ensure reliable availability, performance, data privacy and protection for you, your partners and your customers supported by a robust and secure infrastructure
  • Our cloud-based scalability ensures that Order 360 grows and adapts alongside you
  • It delivers a reliable and future-proof solution for your expanding order management needs

Comprehensive Case and Issue Management

  • Easily Perform Case and Issue Management
  • Manage Cases and Issues from inception through to resolution
  • Use task groups to address problems and provide automated notifications to key stakeholders and partners
  • Provide a portal through which partners can receive and fulfill orders and cases

Built-in Support for B2B2X CPQ and Marketplaces

  • Ensure smooth coordination of each party’s responsibilities in the sales process by efficiently distributing complex customer orders
  • Improve customer experience with omni-channel capabilities
  • Orchestrate and automate orders, including multi-product, multi-party, multi-location and multi-currency orders
  • Perform bulk order import, bulk changes, interrelated orders and more
  • Automatically notify partners of orders and conduct end-to-end business operations

Out-of-the-Box CPQ, EPC, and PLM Integration

  • Instantly launch any product or service with a business-process and catalog-driven quotation and ordering platform
  • Support goods, services, digital and partner products, sale, rental and subscriptions
  • Perform business-process and catalog-driven ordering across any channel
  • Provide an easy self-service click-to-order customer experience

Customer and Partner Portal

  • Empower customers and partners to receive orders and fulfill services
  • Provide customers and partners self-service access to quotes, orders, issues, invoices and subscription history
  • Allow customers and partners to manage their profile, orders, services, invoices payments and cases
  • Manage customer qualification, order approval and view the fulfillment status of orders
  • View customer and partner quotes, order, projects, invoices and payments