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Tata Consulting Services focuses on providing specialized solutions and/or services to meet the demanding digital need for any size business, regardless of how distinct or specific.

  • Wide-ranging industry expertise in the Telecom sector
  • Global network built on excellent innovation and delivery centres
  • Highly regarded reputation earned within the technology sector
  • Valued customer and implementation reseller

Mobilelive has developed 1000+ ground-breaking digital solutions for some of most well-known Canadian brands. It is recognized as one of the top mobile technology in Canada and one of the fastest growing companies in North America.

  • IT Professionals Services and Implementation specialist
  • Specialization in both frontend and backend system integration with existing operational infrastructure
  • Boasts 100% customer retention
  • Valued Customer and integral partner

ONIS Solutions is a full-service consulting & systems integration company, focused on delivering IT solutions to clients around the world. ONIS specializes in leveraging their ‘Onshore-Near Shore’ delivery model.

  • With locations in United States, Canada and Mexico, ONIS Solutions offers management consulting, data management and cybersecurity services
  • Boasts more than 100 projects with Forbes category clients
  • Provides multilingual support and services across North and Latin America
  • Highly regarded partner and reseller

HCL offers a diverse portfolio for IoT, cloud, automation and cybersecurity services integrated digital solutions among others to help improve enterprises navigate the digital age.

  • Accomplished presence across several industry sectors, including aerospace, defense, automotive, banking, consumer goods, healthcare, hi-tech and telcom.
  • Boasts $8.2 Billion in revenue and operating in 43 countries
  • Telecom retailer for Kloudville and Supports full implementation services

ZCom serves large and small global enterprises, offering full service system integration and support. Specializing in developing and nurturing companies to mature and integrated changing digital world.

  • Focusing on scaling and transforming companies into becoming an essential part to larger enterprises.
  • Uses IT Lifecyle strategy for system support and application maintain
  • Valued Kloudville customer and leading reseller

STC is the leading national telecommunications provider in Saudi Arabia. With more than 20 years of experience, STC offers innovative services and emerging platforms to enable digital transformation of the MENA region.

  • Focuses on building a customer-centric culture with all business ventures
  • Boosts close partnerships with leading international brands
  • Valued customer and implementation reseller

Acting as a Digital Transformation Accelerator, Readiness IT has expertise in system integration, orchestration & automation, user experience & processes, test automation, customer relationship management and omnichannel experience.

  • Vast experience in Telco and multiple industries
  • Nearshores support from various countries
  • Valued Kloudville leading integrator