3rd Party Plug-ins

Get to know our globally recognized and trusted 3rd Party commerce channel Plug-ins

Shopify offers retailers a wide-ranging suite of services, including marketing, payment and shipping management for small to mid-size online merchants.

  • Currently powers more than 600,000 business including commonly recognized brands like Red Bull and The New York Times.
  • Boasts a global presence with merchants spanning over 50 countries
  • Kloudville’s easy to use plugin support which can handle full back-end operations to Shopfiy’s front-end services

Quickbooks specializes in providing on-premise and cloud-based accounting applications for small to medium sized businesses. These accounting applications offer payment, billing and payroll management services.

  • More than 180 apps available for integration to customize the needs of a business of any size
  • Boasts 4.3 million customers on a global scale
  • Recent revenue tops at $6.0 billion
  • Kloudville’s easy to use plugin support with QuickBooks enhances billing and account management

Magento is a leading e-Commerce platform and business-to-business solutions provider.

  • Boasts $155 billion in gross merchandise volume transactions annually
  • Named the #1 commerce solution in Internet Retailors annual Top 1000 and 500 ranking of top-selling online retailors
  • Kloudville’s easy to use plugin support can help management businesses within both platforms


Sage is a leading provider in enterprise resource planning software. The company’s software includes accounting, payroll, human capital and payment management.

  • UK’s second largest technology company and third largest business software supplier
  • Boasts 6.1 million customers worldwide and has a global presence with offices in 24 countries
  • Kloudville’s easy to manage plugin can be seamlessly integrated with Sage’s CRM capabilities

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides cloud computing services to individuals and business. AWS platform allows subscribers to enjoy virtual cluster of computers readily available through the internet.

  • The on-demand, scalable service also comes with the attractive pay-as-you go option
  • Boasts millions of subscribers of the AWS cloud computing services
  • Kloudville’s seamless plugin integration

Amazon Fulfillment system is highly advance fulfillment network where online retailers can store inventory at Amazon fulfillment centers. The picking, packing and shipping requirements are easily met by the AF system while providing customer services needs as well.

  • Part of the globally leading brand like Amazon
  • Kloudville plugin can facilitate Amazon sellers AFN orders and MFN order as well, providing statues and RMA services

Moneris is a leading Canadian brand which specializes in payment processing and provides simple solutions to businesses with their billing and account management processes.

  • Built a large and impeccable repetition with the help of founding partners like Bank of Montreal and partnership with all leading credit card companies
  • Boasts 3 billion transactions a year and 350,000 merchants
  • Kloudville’s easy to use plugin assures payment and data security

Paysafe is an online, leading prepaid payment method, where customers are provided with integrated payment solutions for their businesses.

  • Focus and commitment to protecting customer privacy rights
  • Recognized second year in a row as the “Best PSP or Acquiring Solution Provide in 2018” by Emerging Payment Awards in London
  • Kloudville’s easy to use plugin assures payment and data security

Costco is a member-only multi-national American company, operation a chain of warehouse retailors and one the most recognized brands in the world generating $16 billions in annual sales.

  • Ranked 15 on the Fortune 500 rankings of the largest American Corporations
  • Boasts 206 locations across North America
  • Kloudville’s plugin support can help manage day-to-day business operations, especially with order and inventory management.

Walmart is an American multi-national corporation which operates a chain of discount retailer stores across the United States and Canada.

  • One of the Canada’s largest employers with more 600,000 visitors online daily.
  • Ranked within the Top 10 of the most influential brands
  • Kloudville’s plugin support can help manage day-to-day business operations, especially with order and inventory management.

Canadian Tire is one of the most recognized brands in Canada, operating nation-wide retail stores with product ranging from automotive and hardware to toys and groceries.

  • Ranked as Canada’s top department stores online
  • Boasts 500+ locations Canada-wide
  • Kloudville’s plugin support can help manage day-to-day business operations, especially with order and inventory management

Splitit offers online shoppers and retailers hassle free payment options across the global. Businesses can enjoy boosting of sales, conversion rare and generate returning customer loyalty.

  • Merchants can provide personalized installment payments without additional payment risks
  • Provides support to many leading internet retailers, including the Top 500 merchants
  • Boasts a global customer base, with merchants in 25 countries
  • Kloudville’s seamless plugin solutions help payment management within the platform

2Ship is a platform built to easily meet shipping needs for businesses and consumers. This shipping solution includes access to online, multi-carrier shipping services.

  • 45 + nationally and internationally recognized shipping carriers
  • Kloudville’s seamless plugin capabilities help provide the best shipping services and creating shipping labels for customers