Industry Solutions

Kloudville Business 360 solutions drive growth while reducing complexity. Resulting in robust solutions that help you implement

faster, customize less, decrease TCO and see ROI sooner. Industry Solutions built with best practice use cases to fit your business.

Lifecycle management of Telecom B2B and Wholesale services


Manage Sales and Order contract management for any sales channel of B2B and Wholesale Telecom services.



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Lifecycle management for Wholesale, Distributors & Direct to customer


Run your entire business operation effortlessly with Business 360 Applications fit for Wholesale Distributors.



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Lifecycle management of Resource based providers


Manage your resources, suppliers and customers from start to finish with Business 360 Applications targeted at optimal utilisation and cost-effective management of overheads.


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Lifecycle management for Manufacturing, Construction and Builders


Manage your Construction, Build and Sales from Land Acquisition to Warranty with Business 360 Applications targeted at full asset life-cycle procurement and delivery with cost-effective process/project administration management.


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