Enterprise Product Catalog

Kloudville EPC 360 provides an all-in-one product catalog management solution

Kloudville EPC 360

Kloudville EPC provides a centralized, independent and lifecycle solution for the management of complex products and services offerings. Kloudville EPC is designed with agility, flexibility and ease-of-use in mind to optimize time-to-market and cost efficiency gains.
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Full Management of the Product Catalog with Kloudville EPC 360

Enterprise Product Catalog (EPC) management is the process of managing the entire repository of all products and services including product definitions, bundles, varieties, specifications, rich content, and pricing. EPC amalgamate essential catalog items, attributes and eligibility rules under a single unified solution, ensuring quality, efficiency and singleton visibility to the surround enterprise. Kloudville EPC provides for a 360-perspective view for Commercial (sales channels), Technical (provisioning and fulfillment) and Billing transactions.
Features Include
ASSEMBLE and define product details, including descriptions, rich content and specifications
ACCELERATE launches by reusing of existing offerings with links, duplication and importing catalog products
CONFIGURE complex pricing for products and customer segmentation
APPLY taxation rules and shipping methods for the global market
INTEGRATE with third-party channels and enterprise support systems (BSS & OSS)

The EPC Solution

To provide Business and Consumer based products and services with the configurability for on-demand and al-carte expectation, operators are challenged with providing the complexity and depth of offerings and pricing to match as needed.

Kloudville EPC 360 is built to manage products and services in this capacity of dynamic modelling and realization – physical products, services and resources can be holistically configured under a digital paradigm (items, attributes and rules) and leveraged to drive, sales, quoting, order and fulfillment decomposition processes. In contrast to traditional catalogs, Kloudville EPC 360 has the pre-configured and reusable templates for enterprise-scale data, attribute and logical structures that can be tailored to fit as needed.

Enterprise Product Catalog (EPC)
Product Definitions

Kloudville EPC offers detailed product definition, including vast specification and configuration capability allowing the product offering to show all details in the catalog. Kloudville EPC provides a complete overview of the product, availability and offer ability including the commercial or technical specifications.

Bulk Actions

Kloudville EPC allows for bulk actions such as date availability, manual pricing or change to add-ons etc. to be committed to the product catalog for quick updates and improve time efficiency.

Rich Content

Customize the images of the product in the catalog, with options of uploading or linking to thumbnail images and full-size images for a visually pleasing and user-friendly experience.

Complex Pricing

Kloudville EPC offers complex pricing for products the catalog. Applied fixed, formula-based or custom pricing rules, with customizable start and end dates, create customer or customer-tagged based pricing to all products.


Create and apply global taxes with tax rules to products within the catalog based on order destination without the need to calculate taxes every time a product is ordered.

Shipping and Delivery

Create and apply shipping and handling cost to products within the catalog based on order destination, and the ability for third party integration with shipping services.

3rd Party Integration

Kloudville EPC has integration capabilities with CRM, Supply Chain ERP, Billing and other enterprise systems.

How can Enterprise Product Catalog (EPC) help you?

Accelerate and Improve

Reduce time-to-market with standardize definitions of product offerings and quick commercial launches.

Strengthen and Grow

Fully configurable product modelling for reuse and streamlining for scaling.

Automate and Save

Improve productivity and efficiency with automated sale channel and downstream support system integration.