Key Insights for Wholesale Distributors to End the Year Strong

The weather outside might sing summer to you, but any good wholesale distributor knows just how quickly the end of the year sneaks up on you. It’s not just Christmas either, but the totality of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and everything that comes at you in a rush from then until the end of the year.

While most of us are thinking about what to do on Labor Day weekend, or how to soak up the last little bit of sunshine before summer is over; a wholesale distributor’s plan of attack must start now. Preparation is vital, follow these key insights to put your business on a path to crush 2017 and beyond.

Plan Ahead

Get out in front of your competition by placing a focus on demand forecasting prior to the big build to Black Friday, and Cyber Monday so they know who they can count on when the mad rush begins. This allows you to build confidence with your retailers prior to the seasonal surge and not have to worry about the phone ringing as you face a deluge of orders.

Work Better

Your retailers have a lot on their minds as the end of the year nears. Why not show them what a valuable partner you are by utilizing historic data to plot how much they’ll need, when they’ll need it, and how best to get it to them? Sound impossible? That could be accredited to the absence of an ERP system. Kloudville’s applications allow for greater transparency of data and is the driving force behind better decision making at every business level.

Configure Over Adapt

Kloudville allows you to perform advanced analytics on sales, customers, and performance, aggregating the information automatically and allowing you to shape the insights anyway you want through intuitive point-and-click configuration.

Streamline Operations

An ERP like Kloudville yields its highest returns late in the year through careful maintenance of your production schedule when retailers are chomping at the bit to get customers in the store and product out the door. The worst thing that can happen is a slowdown from your end.

With a cloud-based ERP system in place, you will be instantly informed about delays at any point in your workflow, saving hours or even days of uncertainty before the problem is resolved and your supply chain returns to its optimal efficiency.

The worst part of a slowdown occurring during the season is that retailers are pressed for time. Consequently, If your company can’t get them what they need, they’ll find a company that can.

Don’t fret, because Kloudville’s suite of cloud-based business applications can help you avoid this situation.  Kloudville can tailor applications to unique requirements of any given business.