What do best-in-breed applications and spaghetti have in common?

Many Enterprises are saddled with multiple business applications. They have one or more to manage the customer journey from prospect to sale to ongoing support. More for enterprise resource planning, such as inventory management. Then another set for product management, from ideation to evaluation to retirement. And more…

What a spaghetti bowl it has turned into. Solutions may have been acquired to solve specific issues, to automate this manual process or that, or to address specific business functions. Theymay have been selected because of their cool (at the time) technology, their low cost, or their best-of-breed marketing.

The result is applications that don’t communicate well with each other, don’t share the same data, and need an IT organization to implement, customize, and manage them.

Simplify business management with a holistic approach

Instead of choosing point solutions that fix one problem at a time, Enterprises should take a more holistic approach: a businessinabox that enables you to simplify and streamline your operations and transact commerce, with all the applications you need (and only the ones you need) integrated into a single, unified solution.

Create an organization that runs smoothly from end-to-end

Full 360° management of the business lifecycle can be provided via a digital, process-based platform plus business applications, with automation and shared common databases providing information transparency across the entire business.

You can do that with solutions such as
Kloudville 360 that enables you to seamlessly and efficiently manage all online and offline aspects of your business, whether it be your distribution supply chain, a construction project, or your B2B ecosystem. All key facets of e-CRM, e-commerce, and ERP functions are under a single SaaS platform, avoiding process gaps. And reducing IT operational overheads is a boon to the bottom line

About Kloudville

Kloudville’s cloud-based solutions help wholesalers, distributors, e-commerce retailers, and Telcos streamline operations and transact commerce. They provide an omni-channel, enterprise-grade, digital commerce platform that brings together all key business functions under a SaaS platform.

Integrated into a single solution, Kloudville Business 360 apps include: Quote, Order, Customer, Product Catalog, Pricing, Inventory, Shipping, Procurement, Billing, and Subscription Management. They are pre-configured and pre-integrated to allow you to quickly manage your business lifecycle end-to-end.

Learn more about how Kloudville can help streamline your business, start a free trial, or see a demo at https://kloudville.com. Or contact us at https://kloudville.com/about/contact-us/.

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