The Smart Revolution

As technology continues to expand, the limits of what small and medium-sized businesses are capable of continues to be pushed. From automation to data gathering, boundaries are being expanded every day, with SMBs reaping the rewards.

The rise of the smart business revolution did not happen overnight and won’t be completed overnight either. The rapid pace of ‘smart-tech’ is making integrating these solutions an essential strategy of any business looking to remain ahead of the curve as well as the competition.

It may be an intimidating prospect, especially among businesses who are locked into the “we’ve always done it this way” mentality. However, smart tech is evolving the business world and having a huge impact both on what is possible as well as necessary. It may be intimidating at times, but it’s remarkably easy to get started.

Simply put: Businesses must “get smart” in order to survive. There are many ways to do that, but here are a few examples of how smart businesses are thriving.

Data and Analytics

It’s no secret that people and companies are generating more data than ever. With so much information, it can be difficult to sift through it all. Hidden in that data are opportunities. From customer contact information to list segmentation and revenue forecasting; data is where it’s at. Companies that make effective use of their data are in a better position to achieve, excel and grow.

Kloudville Analytics app allows complex and detailed analysis of a business, providing customized and visually appealing reports to help improve business efficiency.

Automation Tech

While the term “automation” may conjure up imagines of warehouses full of robots, there many ways in which automation is streamlining small business processes. Cloud-based CRM services track customer interactions, purchasing behavior, order history, preferences, and more. Inventory control systems manage suppliers, stock, orders, and more.

The days of physically going into a warehouse with a clipboard and pencil to count your stock; or sifting through a file cabinet for old invoices are over. Smart businesses make effective use of today’s mobile management and cloud-based control systems which streamline business processes, maximize revenue, and increase efficiency.

Cloud-based programs, such as Kloudville can aid businesses in automating processes. While there is a learning curve, they are remarkably intuitive and easy to set up and administrate with minimal training.

In additional to standard CRM services, Kloudville’s Order and Inventory apps also offer automated workflows to streamline order processes and comprehensive fulfillment for even the most complex shipping requirements.


Speaking of streamlining, one of the most crucial benefits of the modern smart business is interconnectivity between systems. This is largely made possible through cloud-based applications which establish a link between systems, departments, and divisions.

The smart business makes full use of interconnectivity in nearly all aspects of business operations. Multiple departments have access to a centralized system which replicates all changes and alterations across systems. Workflow is uninterrupted, cross-platform synching allows multiple teams to collaborate on projects, and more.

Kloudville provides interconnectivity across all business apps, making business operations from procurement, ordering, fulfillment and billing completely seamless.

If it sounds complex, it truly isn’t. Remember, the point of adopting smart tech is to make your business day easier, not more difficult. Interconnected applications and processes do just that and do not require an advanced computing degree to set up or comprehend. In many cases, your IT provider will handle the heavy lifting, including setup and administration. Leaving you free to reap the benefits of the smart tech revolution.

A Powerful, Driving Force

The digital world is ushering in a new era of business operations. Smart technology is a driving force in the global revolution that is fundamentally altering the way business is conducted across multiple industries and at varying levels.

Most small businesses don’t need to invest millions of dollars in a smart, automated warehouse full of robots like Amazon has. As amazing as that would be, there are simple, yet powerful ways to make the transition from traditional business into the digital world.

From centralizing accounting processes to order management and fulfillment, enterprise resource planning applications are available to reduce paint points, maximize efficiency, and improve workflow for your small business.

Bringing your company into the digital age doesn’t have to be scary. However, it is a necessity for businesses of any size which are looking to survive as smart tech continues to evolve and enhance our business world.

With features like automated processes, cloud-based and inter-connected apps, Kloudville can help any business usher in their own smart-tech revolution.