Kloudville launches Telecom 360 at MWC 2018

Ontario, Canada – February 23rd, 2018 – Kloudville Inc., a leading provider of SaaS based business management solutions, today announced Telecom 360, a complete solution targeted at B2B and Wholesale Communication Service Providers (CSP) and Suppliers. Kloudville’s Telecom 360 is telecommunication market extension of Kloudville’s Business 360. Telecom 360 provides a full end-to-end solution, extending support for B2B oriented configure, price, quote, ordering and billing functions, to a complete solution that includes fulfillment, inventory, procurement, pipeline, issue, project and resource management. These capabilities are extended out to the end-clients via either an included B2B portal, or via eBonding.

Focused upon the business needs and trans-formative nature of CSPs and their echo-system of suppliers, this versatile solution can be employed to manage your entire B2B/Wholesale business within a digital commerce supply chain, as an incubator for new and/or emerging product launches, or as a stand-alone solution targeted at satisfying the bespoke needs of a specific large client.

“Kloudville Business 360, and its family of industry vertical solutions, is now operational in businesses engaged in wholesale distribution, on-line retail, systems integration, and real estate construction across the globe. Business 360 has proven to be a flexible, fast and cost-effective solution to stream-line end-to-end business operations.” said Zarar Rana, CEO & President of Kloudville. “With the introduction of Telecom 360, and our prior pedigree in Catalog driven Order Management solutions for CSPs over the last 20 years, we are clearly providing a new era of solutions for CSPs, with disruptive and ready-to-go business applications in the cloud.”

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Founded in Toronto, Canada, Kloudville Inc., develops and markets business management solutions that improve operational efficiencies and enable supply chain commerce transformation. For more information, visit www.Kloudville.com

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