Meet Kloudville: The Integration Solution Across Multiple Marketplaces

Kloudville is a multichannel e-commerce software solution that allows you to centrally manage everything you need to operate as efficiently as possible across channels like Amazon, Walmart Marketplace, Shopify, Costco, Wayfair, among others. From managing product information, listings, inventory, orders, and business analytics, Kloudville can handle it all.

We have out-of-the-box integration solutions for popular e-commerce, CRM, and EDI platforms as well custom files.

While Kloudville Commerce 360 solves many challenges for the wholesale distributor, our best of breed partnerships give you the complete technology tool set you need to wow customers and grow sales.

Got Shopify?

Don’t stop there; supercharge your order and fulfillment without asking five or more people in your organization. Kloudville can easily integrate with your Shopify store to increase your work efficiency. Kloudville Commerce 360 built-in inventory functionalities make managing your Shopify store a breeze.

Our database system synchronizes your inventory and provides you with real-time automation for all your stock. Sell your products through Shopify with a robust, cloud-based system that is ready for you to use right away.

With Kloudville commerce 360 solutions, you can revolutionize your customer experience.

Got Amazon?

Improve your processes and compliance with Amazon using Kloudville. Our all-in-one system manages your orders in from Amazon, manages your stock levels, manages what you are packing and importantly the order can be shipped directly with third party carriers.

Kloudville saves you time and valuable resources so you can invest elsewhere in the business.

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About Kloudville

Kloudville’s cloud-based solutions help wholesalers, distributors, e-commerce retailers, and Telcos streamline operations and transact commerce. They provide an omni-channel, enterprise-grade, digital commerce platform that brings together all key business functions under a SaaS platform.

Integrated into a single solution, Kloudville Business 360 apps include: Quote, Order, Customer, Product Catalog, Pricing, Inventory, Shipping, Procurement, Billing, and Subscription Management. They are pre-configured and pre-integrated to allow you to quickly manage your business lifecycle end-to-end.

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