Kloudville Launches Enterprise Product Catalog (EPC) 360

Ontario, Canada – May 15th, 2019 – Kloudville Inc., a leading provider of SaaS-based business management solutions, today announced the addition of Enterprise Product Catalog (EPC) 360, to its Business 360-in-a-Box App store, targeted at Service Providers, B2B Wholesalers, Distributors, Retailers and their ecosystem of customers and suppliers. Kloudville EPC 360 serves the community of Marketing & Product Managers engaged in Product Management for enterprise commerce.

Product Managers face many challenges when managing and administrating product catalogs. Product definitions span across both commercial and technical domains, multifaceted pricing requirements, segmented offerings, complex bundling and promotions, and quick time-to-market sales lifecycles. In return, they are faced with fragmented data sources and siloed systems – causing delays, data inconsistency and an error-prone environment with many moving parts and actors; resulting in only underserving the volatile business needs.

Kloudville knows that predictive and pro-active enterprise-level product catalog management aligned with time-to-market is an imperative.

Kloudville EPC 360 provides a full end-to-end solution for product catalog management (artifact definition, bundles, pricing, taxation, market segmentation etc.), customer and resource facing service mapping and full end-to-end Configure-Price-Quote-Order (CPQ-O) management. Kloudville EPC 360 provides open dynamic APIs, flexible and fully configurable product templates with baseline out-of-the-box inherited product definitions and features pertaining to market segments and attributes.

Kloudville EPC 360 is focused on quick time-to-market paradigm; right products targeted to the right channels for an optimal, synthesized, and symbiotic user and customer experience. Marketing executives and Product Managers now have all they need for a holistic sales-based product management and maintenance capability without the headaches endured in IT complexities.

“Kloudville EPC 360 is currently being implemented at several leading Service Providers, Wholesalers and Retail distribution businesses, where the product complexity is out pacing business performance and are increasingly in need of a wholesale change with their catalog management process.” said Zarar Rana, CEO & President of Kloudville. “With the introduction of Kloudville EPC 360, and our 20-year pedigree in delivering agile Catalog driven Order Management solutions, we are delivering simplicity to businesses from which they are able to realize benefits in days rather many months”.

About Kloudville, Inc.

Founded in Toronto, Canada, Kloudville Inc. develops and markets business management solutions that improve operational efficiencies and enable supply chain commerce transformation.  Within the SaaS business model, Kloudville Business 360-in-a-Box is available as a cloud-based deployment, as well as a traditional deployment in the client’s data center. For more information, visit www.kloudville.com


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