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Insights from Per Borgklint – Transforming Fiber Service Providers with Kloudville BSS

In this interview, telecommunications expert and Kloudville’s CEO Per Borgklint discusses key trends shaping the Fiber and FTTx market, emphasizing a shift towards customer-centric strategies and sustainable business models.

Per highlights the challenges faced by Fiber Service Providers, such as the need for agility and innovation hindered by legacy systems.

Interviewer: Hello Per, thank you for having us today. With your extensive experience in the telecommunications industry, what emerging trends do you see shaping the Fiber and FTTx market as we witness a surge in Fiber network deployments?

Per Borgklint: I’m delighted to share my thoughts. The Fiber and FTTx landscape is undergoing a significant shift, where the primary focus has transitioned from infrastructure development to creating sustainable, profitable businesses. Operators are now seeking innovative strategies to differentiate themselves and deliver exceptional customer experiences that foster long-term loyalty.

Interviewer: What do you identify as the primary obstacles that Fiber Service Providers are currently struggling with?

Per Borgklint: A major obstacle operators face is the need to transform their approach from being network-centric to customer-centric. Building trust, ensuring seamless customer interactions, and offering personalized experiences are crucial for sustainable growth. Legacy systems often hinder agility and innovation, making it challenging for operators to adapt to changing market demands.

Interviewer: How does Kloudville Solutions address the specific challenges faced by FTTx operators in today’s competitive landscape?

Per Borgklint: Kloudville BSS is a groundbreaking solution, designed to empower FTTx operators in the digital age. Its modular, low-code architecture enables operators to respond swiftly to emerging opportunities, launching innovative services in a matter of hours rather than months. This agility is invaluable in today’s fast-paced market, where adaptability is key to success for FTTH (Fiber to the Home), FTTB (Fiber to the Building), and all FTTx.

Interviewer: Can you provide concrete instances of how Kloudville BSS enhances the operations of FTTx providers in both retail and wholesale sectors?

Per Borgklint: The benefits are numerous. For FTTx wholesale operations, Kloudville streamlines partner management, simplifying service provisioning and onboarding new resellers efficiently. It also offers new revenue streams. In the retail sector, Kloudville enables operators to bundle non-connectivity services, fostering customer loyalty and increasing average revenue per user.

Interviewer: In what ways does Kloudville BSS stand out from traditional systems in empowering operators within the fiercely competitive FTTx environment?

Per Borgklint: Traditional systems are often inflexible, requiring significant time and resources to modify. Kloudville, on the other hand, offers unparalleled flexibility, enabling operators to make changes independently and experiment with new ideas rapidly. This agility is essential for thriving in the competitive FTTx landscape, where innovation and speed are crucial.

Interviewer: Looking ahead, what are your insights on the future trajectory of FTTx and the pivotal role that solutions like Kloudville BSS will play?

Per Borgklint: The future of telecommunications is undoubtedly Fiber-centric, with FTTx adoption poised to continue its upward trend. Operators who embrace digital transformation and leverage agile solutions like Kloudville BSS will be best positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities and monetize them effectively. Building a customer-centric business, offering innovative services, and ensuring operational efficiency will be key differentiators in the market.

Interviewer: Could you share a recent successful implementation of Kloudville BSS in a real-world scenario?

Per Borgklint: We’ve had the privilege of implementing Kloudville BSS in several telecommunications companies with great success. For instance, FastFiber, a leading European telecom company aiming to achieve nationwide Fiber optic coverage presented us with a fascinating challenge. They required a solution that could support their rapid network expansion, innovative service offerings, and business transformation for efficiency and agility. Kloudville BSS proved to be the perfect fit, addressing their complex needs, and enabling their success.

Interviewer: What were the primary difficulties that FastFiber faced before integrating Kloudville BSS into their operations?

Per Borgklint: The client’s goals were ambitious, including rapid Fiber optic coverage, swift Go-to-Market, and a seamless transition to a future-proof platform. They needed a system that could support various services, manage complex configurations, and customize offerings for different customer segments, all while reducing operational costs and TCO.

Interviewer: How did the implementation of Kloudville BSS specifically address and overcome the challenges encountered by your client?

Per Borgklint: We tailored Kloudville BSS to meet the specific needs of the Fiber operator. The new system provided extensive capabilities, including efficient modeling of offerings, flexible pricing, and streamlined billing. By automating and simplifying key business operations, we ensured smooth Order Management & Billing, enhancing customer interactions and experiences through streamlined support processes.

Interviewer: What were the significant outcomes and advantages resulting from the deployment of Kloudville BSS for your client?

Per Borgklint: The impact was huge. We achieved a seamless technological transition without service disruptions, eliminating the need for costly future migrations. The operations became more agile, with faster time-to-market for new offerings. The client expects significant efficiency gains, improved business automation, and a stronger competitive edge, ultimately leading to cost reduction and increased profitability.

Interviewer: What key insights and lessons can other FTTx operators draw from the success of your implementation with Kloudville BSS?

Per Borgklint: In my opinion, the success of this implementation highlights the importance of choosing a flexible and scalable solution like Kloudville BSS. It empowers operators to adapt to changing market demands, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and optimize their operations for efficiency and profit. By embracing digital transformation with the right tools, FTTx providers can thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Interviewer: Per, we appreciate your valuable insights and expertise in the field. Your perspective on Kloudville BSS and its impact on Fiber Service Providers is truly enlightening. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

Per Borgklint: Thank you for having me. It’s been a pleasure to share my thoughts and experiences with Kloudville BSS.


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