How Cloud-Based Services Can Benefit Your Business

Are you thinking about using cloud-based services at your business? Many business owners have made the same choice, and for good reasons. Cloud services, like ERP systems, can have many benefits for companies. Here are a few of the benefits of using cloud-based computing services.

Access Your Business from Anywhere

Do you ever wish you could work from home? When the software you need is only installed on your work computer, this isn’t possible. Cloud-based services aren’t installed on any device. They’re accessed through your web browser, so you can access your data and get to work no matter where you are. You can use your laptop, tablet, or even your mobile phone to log in and work.

Your employees can work from anywhere, too. With cloud-based services, you’re no longer limited to the candidates in your local area. You can hire the best candidates, whether they live across the country or across the world. Being able to access the best talent can help your company remain competitive.

Protect Your Valuable Data

No business owner wants to lose valuable data. Losing data is a major inconvenience at best, and a business-ending disaster at worst. Small businesses aren’t prepared for data loss, and 60 percent of small businesses that lose data will close within six months. It’s frighteningly easy to lose important business data. If you spill coffee on your computer, and your data isn’t backed up, you could lose everything.

Cloud-based services keep your data safe. When your business uses a cloud ERP system, all the data is stored on the cloud vendor’s servers. Nothing is stored on your own computers. If you damage your computer, you can log in to the cloud service on another device. Your data will still be there waiting for you.

Plan for Predictable Costs

Unexpected expenses can be devastating for a small business. A large bill you weren’t expecting could put a major strain on your cash flow. Worse, it could force you to lay off employees or even close your business. Services with predictable costs can bring a lot of peace and mind to business owners.

When you use cloud-based services, you only need to pay a regular monthly subscription fee. Every month, the fee will be the same, so it’s easy to budget. When you use computer-based services, you could end up paying unexpected maintenance costs or expensive replacement costs.

Improve Communication

Communication is important for any business. Employees need to be able to communicate with their teammates to finish projects. Different departments in your company may need information from each other to finish tasks. Poor communication in businesses can lead to lower efficiency since employees need to wait for responses, or clarify responses, before they can get to work.

Cloud-based services, like ERP systems, make communication much easier. Since all of your employees have access to the same system, they can see what their teammates are working on. If they need information from another department, they can look it up themselves. Employees can stop playing phone tag with other departments to get the information they need.

Easily Manage Growth

When you’re running a small business, it can be hard to predict your company’s future technology needs. If you buy a computer-based software program that’s perfect for your company’s current needs, you could outgrow it in a few months and need to spend more money on a new program. If you buy a program that’s perfect for a larger company, you may never need all of its features, and end up wasting your money. This can be a delicate balancing act for business owners.

With cloud-based services, you don’t need to guess about what’s best for your company. These services are designed to scale with companies of all sizes. The cloud-based services you start using now will still meet your needs when your business grows in the future.