Growth of eCommerce & Its Impact on Distributors

According to Shopify, B2C eCommerce sales are estimated to reach 2.4 trillion worldwide by the end of 2017, which would account for over 8% of total retail spending worldwide.  Now before you fall off your chair thinking about the shear size of this market, stop for a moment and take in the size of the B2B market which is projected to hit $7.7 trillion by the end of 2017.

If you want to recognize just how huge eCommerce has become, imagine a conversation with your previous self from 15 years ago. This is how we think it might go.

Future self: “Amazon is using remote-controlled flying robots to deliver packages, and also Pluto is not a planet.”

When it comes to eCommerce, there are two kinds of wholesale distributors out there:

  1. Those who have embraced eCommerce and are treating online customers the same way they would everyone else, and reaping the benefits.
  2. Those who have neglected to address online marketplaces, and find their business dying as a result of this changing landscape.

Through living in the digital age, B2B customers have heightened, often unmet, expectations in contrast to B2C interactions regarding how commerce is transacted. Enabling your B2B business with eCommerce allows for the kind of omni-channel presence that is now a necessity more than ever. Giving your buyers a private buying portal supplements growth and customer retention which will ultimately allow your business to ride this wave rather than be trampled by it.

A business portal allows customers the ability browse and place orders through a catalog of inventory and services though a familiar and feature-rich shopping experience. Said customers are also able to view and pay outstanding invoices, along with submitting any support tickets or inquiries.

Simply put, this is where the utilization of our business applications can help you streamline operations and transact commerce. Kloudville offers wholesale distributors with everything they need to have their business thrive in this digital landscape. Our business in a box is built to facilitate your customer’s journey, from order to fulfillment.