Customer Management, these days, has gone well beyond answering customers’ calls on time and reducing their wait times. Today, businesses are focusing on customer experience or the 21st century version “Customer Immersion” – a term with a much broader scope than mere customer service. Customer Immersion (CI) relies heavily on how well a business can immerse itself into the mindset of customer in all its internal processes around the Customer Experience (CX). A survey by Econsultancy revealed that businesses consider CX as the most exciting opportunity.

How Customer Immersion 360 Gives You Strategic Advantage


Customer at a Glance

Why have a dozen different tools to manage your customer contacts and relations? How about having one dashboard to get a detailed view of all your customer information? While it might not completely replace all the different customer management tools, it does cover a lot of ground for you. From requested quotes to confirmed orders, everything is available in one place. Know at any given moment which segment of your sales funnel is loaded more. Do you have too many unconverted leads? Are there a lot of quote requests but low percentage of confirmed orders? Customize the widgets so you see only what matters to you.

Intelligent To-dos

One of the reasons for companies to integrate Business Operations is to empower artificial intelligence and facilitate decision-making by avoiding the discrepancies of using a dozen different applications for different processes. Customer 360 takes reminders and to-dos to a whole new level by automating parts of the reminder.

A reminder on 360 is not just a notification that a certain task needs to be done. Instead it takes you automatically to the task that you have to perform e.g. respond to a quote request, follow-up on a lead, etc. This small saving of time might sound meager but it all makes sense when you realize that sales reps spend less than 40% of their time selling while the rest of it are non-sales activities.

Better Manage Your Sales Performances

Sales performance is critical to any business’ survival. You can’t rely on the revenue your existing customers are generating, and have to continuously put in efforts to get new customers on board. Create account managers and sales teams, leverage analytics to know who is creating new opportunities and who’s converting more. Work on weaknesses to improve sales performances. Nearly 70% of the participants in a study, consider sales analytics extremely important in gaining advantage over their competitors.

Better Interactions with Customers

Aggregated customer interactions are critical to quick customer response and better customer service. Customer 360 gives you access to customer touch points in one place, which as a result helps you improve your customer response time. Templates let you customize responses quickly and even personalize them for your customers. B2B lead response time is critical to your conversion – Research shows that the vendor that responds to a lead first has up to 50% higher sales conversions.


Customer Immersion 360 is a complete solution to all your customer relationship management needs. From the first point of contact with the customer to existing customer analytics, it gives you a 360-degree view of how well you are managing your customer relations. Kloudville Customer 360 is a cloud-based business software that provides a cost-efficient and maintenance-free customer management solution with all the facets need for better Customer Experience.

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