CRM: A Requirement in the Digital Age

Customer relationship management does not start the day your customers sign the dotted line, it starts the second you have that first interaction with them, whether it’s discovery email, social media, or a hand shake.

Encountering new customers is the lifeblood of being in business, and meeting a new customer can happen anywhere, from a big conference, sporting event or even at a back yard barbeque. Just meeting a potential customer of course does not guarantee anything, you must follow up and present the value you will be adding.

Channeling your leads into sales is a strenuous task and it requires a solution which will be able to address all your clients needs. You need to build a profile for your potential customer from the ground up and add to it over time so when they’re ready to start talking about their expectations as a wholesale distributor, you’ve got every piece of possible information about them at your fingertips.

When you employ cloud-based business applications that provide an omni-channel experience, you can engage your customers with a 360-degree view of locations, contacts, notes, interactions, opportunities, analytics, quotes, and orders. No longer do you have to shuffle through text messages or emails to recall previous conversation. Customer relationship management applications enable you to manage client information through various metadata fields such as names, company, or any other criteria. The beauty of these systems is, they work with you wherever you are.

Information available anywhere is just the tip of the ice burg. They can also be used to set action plans for future interactions with those potential customers. The stock calendar features allow you to set up reminders of when to follow up, set up meetings as well as other conversion key moments. Through the benefit of a cloud-based implementation, these reminders can be sent directly to your smartphone or other mobile devices. Whether your in the office or at the local coffee shop, you never have to miss out on mission critical updates.

In short, CRM available through Kloudville’s ERP system for wholesale distributors plays the role of virtual assistant: used correctly it handles all the details of your existing prospects and allows you to focus on running the day-to-day business while also staying attentive and connected to your future customers.