Costly and inflexible ERPs are dead. Long live agility.

Most ERPs (enterprise resource planning systems) are rigid and expensive, like a fixed-price dinner, making it difficult and costly to differentiate your business from the competition and to transform it into a digital powerhouse. Rife with expensive customization and complex integrations with existing systems, they are resource-intensive monolithic systems that cover every aspect of a company.

That doesn’t have to be the case. Why not have an a-la carte menu where you can pick the applications and solutions you need and modify them as your business and markets change—without a hefty price tag?

All the applications you need (and only the ones you need), in one solution

You can do that with solutions such as Kloudville. New products and services can be launched quickly with highly configurable business apps. Automated and centralized processes that are fit-to-purpose (and can be customized) increase productivity and adapt to your way of working instead of forcing you to adapt to them.


Grows as your business grows

By being in the cloud, your solution can be easily scaled as growth demands, is enterprise-grade, secure, and maintenance-free. You get complete, end-to-end digital business management at a fraction of the cost, with minimal IT operational overhead and virtually no up-front capital expenditures.


About Kloudville

Kloudville’s cloud-based solutions help wholesalers, distributors, e-commerce retailers, and Telcos streamline operations and transact commerce. They provide an omni-channel, enterprise-grade, digital commerce platform that brings together all key facets of e-CRM, e-commerce, and ERP functions under a SaaS platform.

Integrated into a single solution, Kloudville Business 360 apps include: Quote, Order, Customer, Product Catalog, Pricing, Inventory, Shipping, Procurement, Billing, and Subscription Management. They are pre-configured and pre-integrated to allow you to quickly manage your business lifecycle end-to-end.

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