Catalog Management: The Gateway to Your Digital Business

Catalog management has come along way from the early days. They have evolved from the traditional paper based approach to modern-day digital catalogs. Digital catalogs provide the benefits of genuine customer reviews and experiences that allow well informed decision making.

Catalogs are seen in today’s world as the lynch pin in B2B / B2C operations. Beautifully designed product imagery, highlighting features, and additional perks such as free shipping are a few things to attract potential buyers. When executed correctly, a sharp catalog WILL increase sales on a regular basis and is an absolute necessity for wholesalers across the market.

Tracking this point of sale (POS) data is pivotal for whole sale distributors. Companies across the globe have used POS data to construct financial analysis for quarterly / yearly results. Aside for financial purposes, POS functionality is magnified when paired with existing ERP systems. Once paired, POS data can not only provide financial data, but also generates future marketing plans, updates inventory and customer data bases in one click.

Simplicity at its finest

Picture this, a customer heads straight from your line catalog to your accompanying store page. They load their cart with their items of choice, enter their necessary credentials and hit submit. Instantly, a new customer appears in your CRM, with contact and payment information already populated. The moment that payment clears, the order form heads to the warehouse to be picked, packed, and shipped. Your ERP simultaneously updates billing, order status and analytics in real time, all without you lifting a finger.

Kloudville delivers a intuitive, easy to use solution that provides an exceptional B2C / B2B commerce experience that is seamless integrated with your back end system.  Out go the days of the archaic black and green matrix like POS systems, and in come comes Kloudville.