Become a Smart Builder

Reducing construction costs are a constant concern for any property owner or manager. Increasing cost of materials, labor expenses, and schedule delays can unpredictably increase operational expenses. And given all stakeholders involved, it could be difficult to prioritize where and how to cut costs. While, labor and material expense are usually the top concerns for most builders, overlooking the hidden cost of business admiration could be just as costly.
Here is an opportunity to reduce your costs once and for all.

Let’s take a look at few of the most significant culprits concerning administrative expenses.

Cloud Applications

In today’s increasingly digital world, most businesses require a solid foundation on the cloud. Cloud-based applications improve productivity and communication, providing impactful business outcomes throughout the project lifecycle. Real estate design, structure, and operations are areas ripe to see massive returns on investment in SaaS tools.

Why SaaS?

  • Real estate owners, contractors, and customers in the business are often not in their desks when a business has been conducted. SaaS tools enable real estate professionals to get the information they want from any place.
  • SaaS tools make it possible for to access data  at any time and in any place. They also enable third-party data integration in a means that’s unified and customized to the business established.
  • SaaS tools allow immediate access to critical data and metrics, such as construction reports, stock statistics, payment, lease and marketing information.


Why All-in-One Solution?

Working on a construction project is not a simple task. It usually involves many team members and more than one operating site.  All this can quickly lead to chaotic miscommunication, delays and, hence: a significant waste of money.

With the simple, user-friendly interface that needs no training, Kloudville helps you centralize all the latest plans gives everyone access to your project. Kloudville’s all-in-one application brings together all the site stakeholders around the objectives of deadlines, budget, and compliance. Consider critical aspects of the real estate industry and how an all-in-one application can reduce cost in administrative work.

Project and Document Management

Our robust, compatible document management system:

  • Ensures administrative service staff will have operational access to projects.
  • Saves countless hours locating files because data is available with simple click of a button
  • Allows easy tracking of project progress and expenses, highlighting areas of efficiency and where improvement is needed.
  • Manages multi segmented projects, where making annotations and detail report on site, adding associated pictures and locations on plans only require access to a mobile device.



Communication is vital in the construction business to implement design plans and handle fluctuations. A thorough, interactive system will keep all information up-to-date and centrally situated to ensure any stakeholder on your project have access to the information that they desire. Notes with sensitive information can also be restricted for privacy and customized templates are available for popularly used interactions. Collaborate with clients, on-site and off-site personnel with ease.

Budgeting and Accounting Management

Excel Documents are something of the past, not least because they are more prone to human error. Using a reliable system, you may readily see previous cycles, total expenses, costs each project as well as projected gains. Kloudville allows for project expense tracking, a strict approval system and internal accounting system to meet all budgeting needs. Additional, Kloudville allows for easy integrating with all external accounting systems. Successfully manage budgets, billing and all accounting needs under one solution: Kloudville.

Schedule and Time Management

Time is sometimes a tricky point to track, but it is vital. Taking highly time-consuming tasks from your contractors and delegating their workload by automation will save a lot of hours per week. Enhance project productivity with scheduling task assignments, following progress of all projects and setting due dates to maintain necessary deadlines. Kloudville provides essential tools to track personnel schedules, time management and task progression.

Inventory Management

Construction tools are expensive and keeping track of them is more overhead cost. Losing track of a few low-cost items at a construction site may not make a dent in your budget but calculating on multiple sites will occur huge expenses. Kloudville can handle inventory across multiple locations and manage all procurement needs. Recommendation alerts can also be configured for re-stocking needs. Reduce all the hassle: handle procurement, inventory and re-stocking under one app.