Are You Truly Out of the Box? – Customization Not Always Productive

You want a business management solution to help you excel in the digital economy! You outline your best practice processes and begin your search for the perfect fit – something that you will install and be up and running in no time. You are looking for in a fit-for-purpose complete solution. You want something Out of the Box (OOB)! Where do you find yourself now?

After a deeper dive into the myriad products out there, your team reports that you will have to customize the software. Customization that costs time and money and is not guaranteed to give you what you want and fits your exact need. You are now pensive about your original decision to go for an integrated business management software! You are now thinking about things that distract you from actually growing your business and reaching your full potential.

Do You Need Customization?

Business Management Solutions are some of the most complex systems out there! One system that connects to every single operation of your business. It takes care of sales, accounting, inventory, financial reporting, customer order processing, procurement, and everything in between. No business has the resources to program and configure such complex software. Do you really need customization on top of that?

Short answer: No! You are a growing business; chances are you are using standard processes and making do with manual orders, worksheets, and quotations that are routinely plugged into an accounts package or similar. You would do well with standard processes that have you up and running with little investment of time and money.

If you go for customization, it could take months to work on only one component of the software only to find out that your integration does not work the way you had intended, costing you more resources to realign.

Can You Actually be Out of the Box?

You are not truly out of the box if you still need a lot of programming and configuration before you can implement a software. Such configurations cost you! Meetings, info-gathering sessions and workshops, failed and delayed implementations cost you more. Further, delays in processing your customer requests can cost you your customers.

A True Out of the Box Software

A true out of the box software might require negligible tweaks to make it a great fit to your requirements. Here are the common best practices that you will need:

Instant Accounting Configuration. When it comes to billing and accounting, you want to set up your customers instantly and move on to the next one. The complete order and billing modules include invoice, payment, credits, transactions, etc. solutions should be in one place. Whether your customers pay on subscription or one-time basis, the software should have both options available. Furthermore, it should integrate with major accounting software like Sage, QuickBooks etc.

Instant Storefront Management. You would want your new system to integrate with your online store i.e. with your storefront regardless of which platforms you use on top of your direct points of sale. From Walmart and Amazon to Costco and Shopify, you should be able to record your sales and manage them with ease.

Quick Invoice and Quote Generation. Want to start creating quotes and orders right away? Invoicing, procurement, and order solutions should let you get up and running instantly. Use ready-made templates to send invoices to your customers, and place orders within seconds.

Quick Reports and Analysis. Overly complex reports can be counterintuitive. When you look at a report, you would want to get a quick view of where your business, sales, revenue, profits, etc. stand and the ability to quickly build personalized and sharable dashboards on top of pre-configured analytic charts and reports for every-day requirements. Access these reports quickly to take instant actions to make your business processes more efficient.

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