Automate and manage work assignments, customers and inbound and outbound appointments across all company locations.
Multiple Schedules and slots

The Schedule app supports creation and management of multiple schedules. Each schedule is assigned to a specific company location and configured with working days, working hours and type of resources required for the work assignment. Each schedule can be also configured with multiple slots, where each slot can have its own working days and hours and predefined resource assignments.

Schedule Assignment

Configure schedule assignment rules which automate appointment creation for newly ordered products and services. Product Catalog and Order Management Apps integrate with Scheduling App by defining type of work assignment required for specific products and at which step of order process appointments are created.

Appointment Management

Easily create, update and manage scheduled appointments. Update appointment details that include appointment date and time, customer, location, assign resources, detail instructions and appointment status.

Print Schedule

Schedule app provides ability to print daily schedules for each resource (person), slot or entire schedule.

Resource Calendar

Scheduling App automatically updates personal calendars for resources (people) assigned to appointments. Company employees can view their personal calendars and get details of schedule work assigned to them.

Timezone Support

Schedule app has timezone support, where appointment times are converted to display time relative to customer location.

Bulk Actions

Schedule app supports bulk actions on selected appointments. Schedule supervisor can auto schedule multiple appointments, update status, assign resources and delete appointments when required.


Scheduling app sends email appointment notifications to customers, updating them of scheduled appointments and any updates. Notification templates can be easily customized to suit company needs.


Quickly search and find appointments. Use powerful filtering to quickly narrow down required information. Easily sort the listed schedule according to date and status.