Project Management

Manage company resource availability and assignments across multiple activities and projects.
Configurable Workflows

The Projects app supports the configuration of customizable and automated project processing flows. Configure project progression; user roles involved in project processing; notification options for sending emails and SMS; and task completion and condition rules.

Project Types

The Projects app allows multiple project types, each supporting a different workflow progression.


Create and manage customer projects requiring sophisticated resource allocation, costing details, and project tracking. Specify all customer contacts, roles, and all required company resources. Specify project locations and project-related items (orders, POs). Maintain all project-related notes and interactions.

Convert to Quote/Order

Directly convert costing or budgeted items to quote or order from an existing project, track quote or order status and access quote or order from the project.

Related Items

Add and directly access related items to a project. Related items can include a quote, PO, order or another project. Converted quotes and orders also appear under the Related items.

Resource Allocations

Quickly and easily allocate company resources (staff) to projects. Specify their roles within a project. Allocate selected resources full- or part-time, including start and end dates of project assignment and add bulk allocations. Easily select appropriate resources with a clear view of resource allocations across all activities. View resource availability by week, day or by summary.


Create daily, monthly or yearly budgets for project, including fixed or detailed project and resource costing. Add required products, services and resources directly from catalog to project. View cost, revenue and net details in summary for overall project cost analysis.


Track project-specific events (meetings, milestones, etc.) and project resource allocations with project-specific calendars. Project calendars also display location-specific events (holidays, company off days, etc.) for better planning. Additionally, see resource-specific calendars on each resource’s profile to view their availability based on current project assignments; vacation days; sick days; etc.


View all projects and manage project-related expenses with the powerful Expense Management app. See full details about expense functionality in the Expenses app.


Automatically send emails to customers and internal users, updating them on project progress. Notifications can be manually resent as needed. Easily customize notification templates to suit your company’s needs.


Create and view notes for each project, with relevant documents/attachments, centralizing project information and making it easier to share across your organization. For each note, you can restrict access to selected users. Notes can be archived instead of deleted, ensuring no information is lost.


Create and keep track of all interactions with your customers, such as comments and emails, in one location. This feature allows interaction details to be accessed by relevant people in your company. Easy-to-use templates for standard communication responses to customers are readily available from the intuitive interactions screen.


Create and manage context-aware to-dos and set reminders that automatically navigate to the project when a user is reminded of a project task. Update and track the progress status of each to-do. This feature allows users to save time and stay organized.


Manage project progress with automated or manual task assignment. Track project progress for all completed and active tasks.


Quickly search and find required projects. Use powerful filtering to quickly narrow down required information. Easily sort the listed projects by date and description. Save your favorite searches for quick access in the future.