Create and manage requests for quotations plus purchase orders for multiple suppliers.
Configurable workflow

The Procurement app supports the configuration of customizable and automated quoting and purchasing flows. Configure purchasing progression; user roles involved in purchasing processing; notification options for sending emails and SMS; task completion and condition rules; and much more.


Create multiple RFQs for the same products and email them to different suppliers for quotes. Each RFQ can have multiple versions of a quote. Track procurement status and communicate with customizable RFQ templates. Accepted RFQs can be easily converted to purchase orders (POs) to streamline the procurement process.


Quickly and easily create POs from accepted RFQs; for sales orders requiring drop ship fulfillment; for replenishment of low stock items; or for internal company consumption. Specify the receiving location for PO items: the customer location for drop ship orders or the company location for inventory replenishments. Generate and email POs, maintaining a history of all PO versions. Easily customize PO templates to suit company needs.

PO Receiving

Quickly and easily process received items for open POs. Specify the quantity received; the received and expiry dates; and bin and lot numbers. In the case of sales order fulfillment, receiving PO items triggers the order fulfillment process to continue. PO receiving can be performed on orders with multiple shipments. The quantity of items on the order can be adjusted to the actual amounts received.


Recommendations calculates and suggests stock replenishment and stock excess. View daily procurement needs based on internal calculation on stock level status and product order history. Configure running recommendations by various attributes including min. stock (weeks); lead time for procurement (days), sell trend period (weeks) and excess stock alerts.


Automatically send emails to suppliers and internal users, updating them on purchasing progress. Notifications can be manually resent as needed. Easily customize notification templates to suit your company’s needs.

To Dos

Create and manage context aware to-dos and set reminders that automatically navigate to the RFQ or PO when a user is reminded of a procurement task. This feature allows users to save time and stay organized.


Manage RFQs and POs with automated or manual task assignment. Track purchasing progress for all completed and active tasks.


Create and view notes for each RFQ and PO, with relevant documents /attachments, centralizing the information and making it easier to share across your organization. For each note, you can restrict access to selected users.


Create, view and keep track of all interactions with your suppliers, such as comments and emails, in one location. This feature allows interaction details to be accessed by relevant people in your company. Easy-to-use templates for standard communication responses to suppliers are readily available from the intuitive interactions screen.


Quickly search and find required RFQs and POs. Use powerful filtering to quickly narrow down required information. Easily sort the listed RFQs and POs according to requested, updated, and completed dates and descriptions. Save your favorite searches for quick access in the future.


Effortlessly export opportunity profile information including procurement types; statuses; currency; and ship to address. Save as a zip folder on any device and extract files as needed.