Pricing Management

Configure flexible product pricing for bundles, campaigns, and customer categories.

Create a catalog with international appeal by defining products and services in multiple currencies. You can switch between currencies in one click. You can also apply different pricing rules to different currencies with complete flexibility.


Quickly and easily create promotional pricing for specific products or product categories. You can apply promotional pricing to specific customers or customer categories. Optionally specify promotion end dates. Promotional prices are clearly indicated on catalogs and orders.

Customer Pricing

Quickly and easily create customer-specific pricing or customer category-specific pricing (VIP, high margin, etc.). This allows you to create contract-based pricing for individual customers.

Future Pricing

Easily create pricing with future start dates and times, for example preconfiguring seasonal and promotional pricing. The Pricing app automatically enforces accurate pricing based on start and end dates.

Product Categories

Quickly and easily create product category-specific pricing (laptops, supplies, etc.). Use MSRP or cost-based formulas to achieve desired revenue margins.

Quantity Discounts

Quickly and easily create quantity-based pricing. Quantity discounting supports ‘full’ discount pricing (all items are priced at the same discounted price) or ‘step’ discount pricing (items are priced based on a quantity discount table).

Custom Formulas

Easily create pricing rules with the pricing formulas given or write completely customized pricing formulas. You can preconfigure frequently used pricing formulas to be available as options when creating pricing rules.

Subscription Pricing

Create subscription products and services with recurring intervals such as weekly; monthly; quarterly; or yearly. Fully control the pricing of each subscription product or service with different pricing rules.

Price Versioning

The Pricing app supports price versioning by using different start and end dates for prices of the same product/service. You can add end dates to currently active pricing rules and switch to new pricing on the specified start date.

Price publishing

Create and save multiple pricing rules with the option to activate (publish) them at a later date. Publish one or more pricing rules as a batch either manually or at a scheduled time. Easily modify unpublished pricing rules and rollback already published prices to correct or rectify them.


Effortlessly import and export pricing, easily syncing with other systems. Import or export information in CSV files into or from existing or new catalogs. This feature allows you to bulk update or review pricing in spread sheets.