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Manage staff and access company and other relevant information related to your organization.
Company profile

Store company information; contacts; addresses; phones numbers; emails; and social media accounts. Store important registration numbers (tax, corporate, etc.) for quick reference and for automated generating of different documents (invoices, POs, etc.).


Manage multiple company locations (branches, warehouses, head office, etc.). Store location-specific contact persons with their roles and contact information. Specify location time zones; working hours; and calendars, used for efficient task assignment and resource allocation. Specify if the location can be used for order pickup and RMA processing.


Create and manage all company contacts and staff, with full profile details such as their location; personal details; contact methods; notes; and interactions. Capture full resume details for company staff (employees) including skill set; education; certifications; and employment history. Additionally, set staff availability and access employees-specific calendars for work assignments, vacations, and other employee-specific events.


Create and view notes for the company, with relevant documents/attachments, centralizing company information and making it easier to share across your organization. For each note, you can restrict access to selected users.


Configure company calendars regarding specify holidays, weekends, and other non-working days, for appropriate task assignment.


Manage the list of suppliers of products and services your company uses for internal consumption. Store supplier locations with contact persons and their roles and contact information.


Manage RFQs and POs for buying products and services for internal consumption. See full details about procurement functionality in the Procurement app.


Manage employee and company expenses with the powerful Expense Management app. See full details about expenses functionality in Expense app.


Create and manage internal company issues using the powerful Issue Management app. See full details about issues functionality in Issue Management app.


Effortlessly export staff or contact information including name, contact information; skill; identification type and so on. Save as a zip folder on any device and extract files as needed.