Fulfill orders through warehouse routing with effective picking, packing, and shipping.
Warehouse Assignment

The Fulfillment app allows flexible warehouse assignment configuration rules. Orders are automatically assigned for fulfillment to the most appropriate warehouse based on inventory availability; shipping distance; and warehouse priority.

Inventory Allocation

The Fulfillment app automatically allocates and reserves inventory items for submitted sales orders. You can configured backorder processing to be allowed only for specific items or for all items from specific suppliers. The Fulfillment app manages backorder items and quantities. Orders with backordered items remain pending and are automatically released for fulfillment when inventory becomes available.


The Fulfillment app organizes the fulfillment process into order batches. This process is called ‘wave’. You can configure how the wave selects which orders are to be fulfilled together. Selection criteria include: warehouse location; ship-to location; order priority; shipping method; maximum number of orders; and much more. The wave generation process can be fully automated with flexible scheduling. You can configure and process multiple waves each with their own schedules. The wave generation process also generates picking and packing lists.


The wave generation process automatically creates required picking lists based on configurable criteria. Picking lists can be created based on the total number of pickers; items per picking list; or one list per order. Pickers can use printed PDFs or mobile devices/tablets to pick required items and confirm completion of picking tasks. Upon picking list completion, the corresponding items and orders are moved to the packing queue.


The Fulfillment app provides full packaging details for packing-ready orders including packing lists and recommend packaging information. This is based on fulfillment requirements and inventory product shipping information. Optional integration with real-time shipping gateways allows you to submit shipments; print shipping labels; and receive tracking numbers from shipping carriers.


The Fulfillment app provides automated packaging calculations with recommendations for the optimal packaging of each order. This includes types and number of boxes; envelopes; shipping tubes; or pallets.

Product Identification Number

Configure product to track ID codes and capture ID code at checkout. This ID code can be utilized while processing RMA.

New Quote/New Order

To easily fulfill orders, directly create a new RFQ or PO for orders with out-of-stock inventory. These RFQ and PO appear under Procurement.


The Fulfillment app prioritizes order fulfillment based on the shipping method selected on the sales order (expedited, express, etc.). Optional integration with real-time shipping gateways allows you to submit shipments and receive shipping labels electronically; receive tracking numbers from carriers; and configure and use specific carrier services and service options (signature, weekend, etc.).


Make informed decisions by viewing the current fulfillment status. The Fulfillment app provides out-of-the-box status views by warehouse for picking; packing; shipping status; and more.


Quickly search and find required inventory orders. Use powerful filtering to quickly narrow down required information. Easily sort the listed inventory orders by different dates; priorities; and status. Save your favorite searches for quick access in the future.


Effortlessly import and export order information, easily syncing with other systems.