Expense Management

Track employee and company expenses across multiple projects and suppliers.
Configurable workflow

The Expenses app supports the configuration of customizable and automated approval workflows. Configure expense approval progression; user roles involved in expense processing; notification options for sending emails and SMS; task completion and condition rules; and much more.

Expense types

The Expenses app allows multiple expense types, each supporting a different approval workflow. Submit expenses as a company expense or employee expense. The employee expense can also be associated with a specific project.


The Expenses app supports multi-currency lines and payout currencies different than the accounting currency. Each line item may be entered in the original expense currency and is automatically converted to the compensation currency specified by the expense submitter. You can configure an ‘accounting currency’ to provide expense totals for accounting purposes.

Exchange rates

The Expenses app supports both automated and manual exchange rate calculations for configured currencies. When the automated option is used, exchange rates are based on actual expense dates. You can configure exchange rate adjustments to compensate for bank fees.

Expense Category

You can create expense categories and specify the expense category of each item. This allows you to quickly search and filter expenses and can be used to create analytic summaries and calculate expense item taxes.

Tax Calculations

Configure tax rules for specific item categories or geographic regions that calculate the total taxes on expense items. Tax calculations are summarized for all expenses and can be exported for accounting purposes.


View a summary of total and billable expenses, including expense forecast by currency to gain valuable insight into a company’s past and current expense for future budgets and cost analysis. Summary is available in multiple currencies.


Automatically send emails to internal users, updating them on expense progress. Notifications can be manually resent as needed. Easily customize notification templates to suit your company’s needs.


Quickly and easily upload multiple receipts and other supporting documents for expense claims.

Email Submissions

You can configure an email address (e.g. expense@mycompany.com) to which employees can send an email with expense attachments. The Expenses app will process the email and create an expense for the sender.


Manage expense resolution with automated or manual task assignment. Track expense progress for all completed and active tasks.


Quickly and easily search and find required expenses. Use powerful filtering to quickly narrow down required information. Easily sort the listed expenses by submitted, updated, approved, and paid dates. Save your favorite searches for quick access in the future.


Make informed decisions with always up to date expense analytics. expense App provides out of the box statistics by expense type, category, project, processing time and more.