Customer Management

Fully functional CRM, with a comprehensive 360 view of all customer data.
Customer 360

Optimize customer engagement with Customer 360, granting instant and cross-functional access to a customer’s profile; locations; quotes; orders; projects; issue tickets; and billing details. Communicate; schedule customer appointments and task reminders; add additional notes; and keep track of customer segments including active customers, all from one app.


Track and visualize customer information and activity on one screen with our intuitive dashboard. View activities; opportunities; quotes; orders; subscriptions; issue tickets; projects; billing details; and payments. Easily customize your own widgets and track live customer indicators, for informed and quick decisions.

Customer Profiles

Access and maintain fully detailed and customizable customer profiles including B2B organization details by adding contact information; communication preference details; credit profiles; as well as tags and classifications for easier segmentation for analytical purposes and faster customer searches.

Share contacts

Easily share customer or contact details from a customer profile. Simply scan the contact’s vCard with any mobile device and share with relevant parties through email.

Portal Access

With the click of a button, grant customers ‘Portal Access’ to manage their own profiles; create and follow-up on their own orders and subscriptions; and submit issue tickets. It is a fully-fledged B2B portal granting customers access to their own billing information and personalized shopping catalog.


Create and manage context-aware to-dos and set reminders that automatically navigate to the task (opportunity; quote; order; issue; billing) when a user is reminded of a customer task. This feature allows users to save time and stay organized.

Team and Access Management

Fully control and customize access to customer information by assigning or re-assigning an Account Manager and Sales Team. Account Manager and Sales Team assignments can be used to track productivity by number of customers acquired; new opportunities created; completed sales; and more in the Analytics app. Additionally, save time with the bulk re-assignment feature.

The restrict view feature allows control over customer confidentiality and privacy by limiting access to assigned sales teams or reps only.

Archive/Unarchive Customers

Keep up-to-date with customer list by archiving accounts no longer in use. Just as easily unarchiving an account if needed for future use. All archived accounts can be displayed by in the “Show Archived” view.


Store multiple customer locations (branches, warehouses, head office, etc.) with corresponding addresses and relevant contact persons, including their roles or positions in the organization, under one customer profile. Use locations for shipping orders and issue management. This feature allows for more detailed performance analytics by customer location.


Create and manage all customer contacts, with full profile details such as location; personal details; contact methods, notes; and interactions. Assign contact roles to easily locate the relevant contact for your next customer interaction. This powerful tool centralizes all relevant information in one place for more informed customer relationships.

Outbound calling

Initiate outbound calls from customer and contact profiles. You can record calls which will then automatically appear saved in the ‘Interactions’ section of the customer’s profile.


Access, create and manage customer contracts with customizable business approval process. Define and track product commitments within the contract and review revenue generated by contract. Additionally, quickly renew an expired contract.


Create and view notes for each customer, with relevant documents/attachments, centralizing customer information and making it easier to share across your organization. For each note, you can restrict access to selected users and specify whether the customer can see it.


Create, view and keep track of all interactions with your customers, such as comments and emails, in one location. This feature allows interaction details to be accessed by relevant people in your company. Easy-to-use templates for standard communication responses to customers are readily available from the intuitive interactions screen.


Quickly search and find required customers. Use powerful filtering to quickly narrow down required information. Easily sort the listed customers by name and last modified date. Save your favorite searches for quick access in the future.

Import & Export

Effortlessly import and export customer information, easily syncing with other systems.


Make informed decisions with continually up-to-date customer analytics. The Customers app provides out-of-the-box statistics by creation date; discounts; revenue; sales team; and more.