Contract Management

Create and manage customer contracts with customizable business approval process and define and track product commitments and contract revenue.
Configurable Workflows

The Contract app supports the configuration of customizable and automated project processing flows. Configure contract progression; user roles involved in contract processing; notification options for sending emails and SMS; and task completion and condition rules.


Create and manage customer contracts and contract revenue with customizable business approval process. Specify all contract contacts, sales team and contract dates. Define and track contract-based product and charge pricing, minimum quantity requirement and re-occurrence commitment. Maintain all contract-related notes and interactions.

Contract Actions

Fully control contract feature by suspending active contracts as contracts end or easily re-activing existing contracts if contract is renewed.


Create and view notes for each contract, with relevant documents/attachments, centralizing the information and making it easier to share across your organization. For each note, you can restrict access to selected users. Notes can be archived instead of deleted, ensuring no information is lost. Notes can be archived instead of deleted, ensuring no information is lost.


Automatically send emails to customers and internal users, updating them on contract progress. Notifications can be manually resent as needed. Easily customize notification templates to suit your company’s needs.


Create and keep track of all interactions with your customers, such as comments and emails, in one location. This feature allows interaction details to be accessed by relevant people in your company. Easy-to-use templates for standard communication responses to customers are readily available from the intuitive interactions screen.

To Do’s

Create and manage context-aware to-dos and set reminders that automatically navigate to the contract when a user is reminded of an contract task. Update and track the progress status of each to-do. Update and track the progress status of each to-do. This feature allows users to save time and stay organized.


Manage contracts with automated or manual task assignment. Track contract progress for all completed and active tasks.


Quickly search and find required contracts. Use powerful filtering to quickly narrow down required information. Save your favorite searches for quick access in the future. Restrict access to customer contract profiles based on specific sales teams and account managers.


View a summary of annual contract revenue, including revenue by currency. Filter the summary view by several attributes such as Account Manager; Start Date; and territory to gain valuable insight into profit earnings, fruitful contract and areas that need improvement.


Make informed decisions with continually up-to-date contract analytics. The Contract App provides out-of-the-box statistics by contract revenue; contract/customer and product revenue; product; industry; and more.