Catalog Management

Define products and services. Manage customer shopping experience.
Multiple catalogs

Catalogs operate as the store-front for most businesses. Create and manage multiple catalogs containing different types of products and services with the Catalog app. Customize catalogs with multiple currencies and customer-specific access. Organize products and services by product line; region; or market segment. Make modifications and track changes within catalogs with the uniquely designed ‘project-based’ approach.

Products, Services & Resources

Add and display product, services and resources with fully configurable information, including in-depth specifications, rich content, top features, pricing, and availability. Configure each product, service or resource with additional features such a product tags, tax exemption options, and warranty or return policies. For resources, add resource type. The Catalog app allows detailed customization to meet every business need.


Quickly and easily create and configure product and service bundles with bundle-specific pricing and availability. Apply various features to items within a bundle, such as selecting specific item varieties or adding an item to bundle for free. This feature supports all configurations of product and service bundles, as desired.

Rich Content

Attract customers by adding rich content and high-quality images to all products and services. The Catalog app allows a detailed overview display of a product or service through a highly configurable text editor. Alternatively, the Catalog app also supports linking product and service descriptions with a URL link. Upload thumbnail and high-quality images for products and services to create a visually interesting and appealing catalog. Documents such as product installation guides can also be added.

Fully localizable

Take your business international. The Catalog app supports multiple languages, simultaneously. Display all details about catalog products and services in any language. With the click of a button, easily switch between languages. This multi-language feature improves accessibility and helps reach new markets.


The Catalog app supports configuration of product varieties (i.e. the same product varying by size, color, or any other desired variation type), allowing for quick navigation and easier selection of products and services within the same family. All relevant product and service details, including overview and images, change as different varieties are clicked. Varieties allow the shopping process to be quick and hassle-free.

Configurable Products

Create products and services requiring detailed specifications with ease and flexibility. Instead of managing multiple catalog items, simply configure one item with multiple specification options, such as a laptop that requires details like screen size, processor type, and memory to be selected. Specify items that require user input when the product or service is added to the cart, allowing customers to choose options from a drop-down menu at checkout.

Product Lifecycle

Keep all products and services within a catalog organized by defining the life cycle of each item, from introduction to discontinuation. You have complete control of when an item is viewable in the catalog and/or orderable by configuring the publish-to-catalog, orderable, and remove-from-catalog dates for all products and services. An orderable date set for the future will display ‘Coming Soon’ in the catalog, and setting a discontinuation date will display ‘Discontinued’ in the catalog when the date arrives. This feature reduces mistakes for businesses that handle large volumes of orders.


Create associations between different products/services and display these associated items as accessories. Items linked to a product or service are conveniently suggested as accessories to customers viewing a product or service, boosting the chances of additional sales.


Create associated products and services for items within the catalog. These products and services are only available for purchase alongside other items.


You can define pricing rules for each individual product and service or create rules that apply to all products/services in a category. Pricing rules can be a flat price or a formula, such as a percent discount on MSRP or cost-based pricing, with the option to create completely customized pricing formulas.

Pricing rules can be applied to product categories; campaigns; customer segments; or promotional periods, by being available only for specific dates of a sale. Sale prices are highlighted in the catalog with promotional markers to draw customers’ attention to deals. You can also create price incentives with pricing rules for quantity discounts.


The Catalog app supports multiple currencies. Create a catalog with international appeal by defining products and services with multiple currencies. You can switch between currencies with the simple click of a button. Different pricing rules can apply to different currencies providing complete flexibility.


Subscription products and services can be created with recurring intervals such as weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Fully control the pricing of each subscription product or service with different pricing rules (See Pricing for more information). Additionally, link to the Subscription app for even more robust subscription features such as automated invoicing.


Create charges within the charge catalog. You can associate charges with certain products or services, so that when the products/services are added to the shopping cart, the charge is displayed and applied automatically. Or, apply charges to the use of certain payment methods such as credit cards; payment terms such as scheduled payments; or to the order as a whole.


Create and manage coupons that can be used during checkout. Customize coupons by applying quantity or time limits; using percentage-based or value-based formulas; creating coupons for certain product and service categories; shipping discounts; allowing stackable coupons; or making them available only for certain currencies. Additionally, track coupon usage and control the activity status of each coupon.


Create taxation rules to calculate and apply taxes at checkout. Tax rules can be a simple percentage, based on zip or postal code tax requirements. They can be based on where the order originates or its final destination. Additionally, you can apply tax inclusion and exclusion rules to products and services requiring special taxes or tax exemptions. The Catalog app supports configuring tax rules to cover all your business taxation requirements, including supporting VAT taxation.


Attract customers from diverse markets by catering to all their shipping needs with the comprehensive shipping feature. Create shipping methods and define shipping requirements by product size; location (both origin location and destination location); currency; and shipping category. You can apply shipping categories to products and services, so that when those products/services are added to the shopping cart, specific shipping options become available and the corresponding shipping charges applied.

Additionally, Shipping integrates with external shipping gateways for cost-effective shipping services and shipment tracking, streamlining the order fulfillment process.

Warranty & Returns

Create customized product and service warranties and configure each warranty with specific policies including: warranties with time limitation; parts warranties; and labor warranties. Similarly, create and manage flexible refund and exchange policies. Configure these policies with refund/exchange time limitations, apply shipping fees for return merchandise, and add appropriate stocking fees. Products and services can display applicable warranties and policies. You can automatically apply exchange/return policies during the RMA process.

Configurable Search

Catalogs organize product and service categories and subcategories, displaying simple forward and back arrows on each page for easy browsing through catalog items. Change the amount of items displayed on a page with the view-per-page feature. Change the catalog to a different currency with a simple currency drop-down.

Catalog browse and search is fully configurable. Define what product and service specifications appear as top features while browsing the catalog and which specifications appear as search filters on the side to help streamline navigation. Search filters are responsive, only appearing when they apply to the currently-displaying catalog items.

Import & Export

Effortlessly import and export catalog information, easily syncing with other systems. Import information from multiple formats like CSV into existing or new catalogs. Add conditions to data transfers such as whether to include categories; include pricing rules; or merge catalogs. Information from the Pricing, Coupons, Taxes, and Shipping features can also be exported.


The Catalog app is fully integrated with the Inventory app, receiving real-time inventory availability; MSRP; and cost information, which is displayed under inventory products. Optionally, it can integrate with external systems to receive real-time availability and cost of items from external suppliers.