Business Portal

Enable B2B customers to conduct business online.
Portal Access

Grant customers ‘portal access’ to manage their own profiles; create and follow-up on their own orders and subscriptions; and submit issue tickets. This fully-fledged B2B portal grants customers access to their own billing information and personalized shopping catalog.

Manage Profile

Customers can view and manage their own company profiles including contact methods; locations; and other personal information.


Customers can manage company locations (branches, warehouses, head office, etc.). They can store location-specific contact persons with their roles and contact information. They can specify location time zones; working hours; and calendars.


Customers can create and manage all company contacts, with full profile details such as their location; personal details; contact methods; notes; and interactions. This powerful centralized tool organizes contacts for more informed relationships.


Customers can view current and past orders and track progress of current orders.


Customers can view current and past subscriptions.


Customers can browse available product/service catalogs; add products/services to their carts; and checkout their orders. Customers can only see products/services and prices that are configured for their profile.


Customers can view all current and past invoices and get a full view of all processed and future payments for any invoice. They can quickly navigate to related orders or apply credit card payments to outstanding payments. Customers with portal access can also apply payments to invoices.


Customers can view and keep track of all communication (notes, emails, etc.) such as quotes and campaigns you have sent them.


Customers can create and keep track of all current and past RMA requests. RMAs can only be submitted for completed orders.


Customers can create and keep track of all current and past issues. Customers can update current issues and respond to CSR inquiries. They can also close or cancel open issues.


Customers with portal access can receive payment notifications and access their portal account directly from sent email. Notifications will allow quick access to related order details.


Customers can view a summary of their billing accounts for insight to their spending and keep track of their purchases. Summary can be displayed by currencies and filtered by year, due dates, outstanding invoices and so on.


Customers can quickly search and find required invoices; orders; issues; and RMAs. They can use powerful filtering to quickly narrow down required information and easily sort the listed information by the options provided.


Customers can easily export their orders; invoices; and issues. The export function is available on all search screens.