Billing & Account Management

Manage customer accounts, invoices, payments, and credits. Integrates with your accounting software.
Payment Terms

Easily configure flexible payment terms applicable to your business. Configure payment terms to process full payments upfront; future payments (net 30, net 60, etc.); scheduled payments; or deposits. Specify the payment methods allowed for each payment term. Optionally configure when to collect different charges such as shipping, credit card fees, etc or easily provide early payment discounts.
Easily choose payment terms and methods for orders before checkout. The Orders app supports the flexibility of deposit payments or scheduled payments based on sales or delivery dates.


Process invoices fully, including invoice generation; payment collection; and accounting integration. Alternatively, void invoices as needed. Use different invoice templates for different type of orders or subscriptions e.g. for products vs. services. Easily apply outstanding payments with manual or automated credit card processing. Quickly view all processed and future payments for any invoice. Quickly navigate from an invoice to the customer’s profile or related orders.


Easily find outstanding and cleared payments and view full payment details including all transactions applied to a payment. Easily apply or postpone payment due dates. Resend payment reminders manually or automatically. Quickly navigate from a payment to the customer’s profile or related orders.


Easily create and process customer credits. ‘Goodwill’ credits can be used for future orders and ‘credit memo’ credits can be created as part of RMA processing or for order corrections. In the Subscriptions app you can create and use ‘first payment’ or ‘last payment’ credits for subscriptions payments. Quickly navigate from a credit page to the customer’s profile or related orders/RMAs/subscriptions.


The Billing app keeps track of all billing and payment related transactions including all payments processed; credit card transactions (authorization, capture, refund, etc.); credit refunds; and reverted transactions. Quickly get full details of a transaction including when it happened; who performed it; for which customer and order; and all processed invoices and payments associated with it.


The Billing app provides real-time integration with accounting systems (Quickbooks and others) or manual integration by exporting all billing data (invoices; payments; transactions; and credits) in a format suitable to your company’s accounting solution. Real-time integration sends all invoices and payment data to the accounting system as they occur.


Send payment reminders for due and overdue invoices and allow customers to access portal directly from email or click to make direct payments. Also configure notifications in detail by due date interval (by days), pay now and payment received notices.

PCI Compliance

“The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is an information security standard for organizations that handle branded credit cards from the major card schemes”. All Kloudville apps including the Billing app is PCI compliant to maintain the highest regard for consumer security and confidence.


Make informed decisions with a summary of the current invoice and payment status. The Billing App provides out-of-the-box status views by year; month; and currency, for invoiced; paid; due amounts; payment status; and other categories.


Quickly search and find required invoices; transactions; payments; and credits. Use powerful filtering to quickly narrow down required information. Easily sort the listed information by customer; due date; paid date; total; and much more. Save your favorite searches for quick access in the future.


Effortlessly export billing information, easily syncing with other accounting systems.