All of the applications you need, integrated into one solution.
Order Management

Full order life cycle management from quote to invoice.

Subscription Management

Designed to address various recurring revenues of products and services.

Customer Management

Fully functional CRM, with a comprehensive 360 view of all customer data.

Issue Management

Stay organized and deal with customer issues more effectively.

Expense Management

Track employee and company expenses across multiple projects and suppliers.

My Company

Manage staff and access company and other relevant information related to your organization.

Billing & Account Management

Manage customer accounts, invoices, payments, and credits. Integrates with your accounting software.


Make informed decisions with real-time business insight.

Inventory Management

Manage a multi-location and multi-supplier inventory in real-time.

Catalog Management

Define products and services. Manage customer shopping experience.

Pricing Management

Configure flexible product pricing for bundles, campaigns, and customer categories.

Business Portal

Enable B2B customers to conduct business online.


Manage returns, exchanges, and refunds.


Create and manage requests for quotations plus purchase orders for multiple suppliers.


Fulfill orders through warehouse routing with effective picking, packing, and shipping.

Project Management

Manage company resource availability and assignments across multiple activities and projects.


Automate and manage work assignments, inbound and outbound appointments across all company locations.


Combine all critical tasks and relevant information in one place.


Create and manage customer opportunities, and track every stage of your sales pipeline.


Create and manage customer contracts, contract-based pricing and add quotes to contract.