About Kloudville

Kloudville’s  is a cloud-based business support system (BSS) solution that addresses business-to-business (B2B2X) process automation for telecommunications service providers.  Our solutions enable service providers to make the transformative leap from communications service providers to digital service providers.  Deployable in a public, private or hybrid cloud environment, the Kloudville 360 solutions provides the flexibility to rapidly deploy solutions that deliver the speed to market and low operational costs of cloud solutions, while meeting any regulatory requirements over data privacy and location.

Kloudville’s competitive differentiator is its deep support for the complexity inherent in the B2B2X market. Designed as a business solution from the ground-up – not a consumer solution with a business wrapper.  With out-of-the-box support for bespoke and contract pricing, bespoke solution sales, bulk orders, multi-jurisdictional, multi-currency and multi-language, this is a solution designed for the B2B2X market.  With a catalog driven approach, and fully configurable business processes, the solution is rapidly configurable to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Why Choose Kloudville

  • Functionally rich: Covers the full breadth of business functions
  • Cloud based: Secure, scalable and maintenance free
  • Low OPEX: No on-premise IT
  • Highly flexible: Configuration-driven adaptability from the core
  • Highly customizable: Built to adapt to your business and ways of working
  • Industry grade: Enterprise scalability and quality
  • Highly integratable: Seamless integration into your environment and infrastructure